Cataract and its Management

Cataract is the most common cause of the reversible blindness world over.

But the good news is that cataract, now a day is treated with sophisticated and advanced techniques and technology which assures very precise results and fast recovery.

Also Implantation of intra ocular lens after cataract removal assures almost immediate visual restoration.

At Eye and u, we are a team of highly experienced and expert cataract surgeons.

We offer various surgical techniques from suture less cataract surgery to the very latest no injection cataract surgery i.e. topical phacoemulsifcation.

Patients have variety of the intraocular lenses to choose from, from the very basic monofocal lenses to the very latest multifocal and accommodative foldable lenses.

We will guide you to select for the best surgical option and intraocular lensto be implanted in your eye, after considering you visual needs.

We will try to explain you briefly about cataract and its options.

What is cataract ?

Cataract is clouding of the natural clear lens of the eye.

It is part of the ageing process of the body.

Vision is reduced because of cataract and it cannot be improved even with the glasses in advanced stages.

Some patients may complain of increased glare and haloes around the lights.

Complain largely depends on the type of the cataract.

Though the cataract occurs mostly in elderly patients, it is not uncommon to see it in young individuals and even children.

Cataract changes are also associated with metabolic disease like diabetes.

In children it is associated with some congenital disorders.

Injury to eye can also lead to development of cataract.


Cataract now a day is treated with the state of the art phacoemulsification method.

At our center, the most modern treatment of the cataract is available.

The usual method of cataract surgery consist of removal of the cataract using the phacoemulsification technique, where by the cataract is broken in to pieces and aspirated from the eye with help of a small probe, sized less then 3 mm. Most of the times surgery is done without administering injectable anesthesia, making it virtually painless.

The patient comfort level is very high and your eye does not require to be patched after operation.

You can truly walk in and walk out of our surgical center and also can resume your routine very soon as recovery is very speedy.

Intraocular lenses

After the cataractous lens is removed form your eye, it is replaced with a crystal clear artificial lens know as intraocular lens (IOL).

At eye and u, we have array of 10Ls like monofocal, multifocal,toric, accommodative, and implantable phakic contact lenses, to choose from, suiting to your visual needs.

Our counselor will discuss with you and will help you to choose right surgical options and 10L, best suited to your visual expectations and needs.